Being a generalist at heart,  I’ve covered a range of topics.  Business, travel, food , theater — you name it.  The serious and the not-so-serious.  Straight news, features, profiles, and essays.

That’s what makes it fun — I get to delve into different worlds on a regular basis.  It’s like travel without the airfare, and  for a storyteller with a curious mind, it doesn’t get any better than that.

These are some of the publications that I’ve written for:

“Just first-class work. Emotion in journalism can be dangerous, but Laurel-Ann’s controlled use of it is just right. She has an excellent eye and ear for the quote and makes it work for her. She can really write.”
Jack Powers
Former Executive Editor,
South Bend Tribune


“Laurel-Ann is a gifted writer and reporter with a flair for language and great insight into a wide range of topics. She is thorough, meticulous and always willing to work hard. When I edited her work, she tirelessly answered questions, turning around stories and columns with both speed and accuracy. And above all, she is always a pleasure to work with.”
Ellen Rosen
Former Business Editor,
The National Law Journal


“Laurel-Ann did nothing but impress me. She jumps right in and is fair, accurate, and creative. A job such as this requires a lot of flexibility when it comes to hours and days worked, but Laurel-Ann never complained when a last minute assignment was tossed her way – no matter what the hour. I would hire her back in a minute.”
Michelle Armstrong
Former City Editor,
Palm Beach Post/Evening Times


“Laurel-Ann’s exemplary leadership as the Editor-in-Chief of the Atlanta Lawyer was an essential part of our success.”
E. Clayton Scofield III
Past President,
Atlanta Bar Association


“Laurel-Ann has the ability to handle a variety of subjects with knowledge and flair. She works quickly, writes clearly, and responds to all assignments with enthusiasm. I am very impressed with her writing ability, intelligence, versatility, and ability to communicate clearly.”
Tom Hermann
Former Senior Assistant City Editor,
Palm Beach Post/Evening Times